Monday, May 18, 2009

She's Leaving Home, Bye-Bye

Erin got very angry with me Sunday. I was enjoying a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon when Erin insisted that I take her to the store to spend her birthday money. I was in no mood to change my relaxed Sunday afternoon into an afternoon of shopping, so I told her "No." She through a huge fit, so I sent her to her room. Two minutes into her six minute time out, she comes downstairs with her sleeping bag in its duffel bag and announces that she is moving out of the house. I reminded her that her time out wasn't done and she couldn't move out until she completed her time out. She reluctantly went back upstairs. When the timer went off, I went upstairs to talk things over, only to find her struggling to tie her clothes into a bundle using a large cloth. I helped her tie her bundle, and even tied the bundle onto a toy broom, making a hobo stick. During her time out, she had also taken her sleeping bag out of the duffel bag and packed other things she would need to move out. As Erin was walking downstairs, I told her I wanted one last picture of her before she moved out. Her smile magically appeared when I got the camera out.

When she got downstairs, the conversation went something like this:

Mom: "Where are you moving to."

Erin: "Shannon's house." (her best friend) "Can you drive me there?"

Mom: "No. If you're moving out, you have to get there yourself."

Erin: "Daddy and Garrett are moving with me. Daddy, let's go to Shannon's."

Dad: "Where am I going to sleep at Shannon's?

Erin: "We can take the couch."

Mom: "The couch won't fit in the car."

Dad: "Besides, we won't be able to read your Junie B. Jones book at Shannon's."

Erin: "Okay, I'll stay home until we finish the Junie B. Jones book, then I'll move out."

The next day, I opened Erin's duffel bag to see what she packed to "move out." This is what she had:

She was going to take a bunch of books, stuffed animals, and the music box she got for her birthday, the same one that she cried about from this post.
P.S. Sorry I haven't been posting much. The neighborhood pool just opened and the weather has been nice, so we've been spending a lot of time outside and at the pool.


Mum-me said...

That sort of thing has happened here before too, even the 'can you drive me' question.

I giggled when I saw what she packed - such girly things!

Brandy said...

We haven't gone through that yet, but our daughter keeps giving us a guilt trip about not letting her keep her nails long yet. She fights tooth and nail against us cleaning under her nails. She'll tell us "so and so's mommy lets her keep her nails long" UGH! lol If she wouldn't fight so much I wouldn't mind as much letting her have her nails long.

I bet Girly Girl would have packed pretty much the same things as Erin did lol

Julia said...

Hey youve got to give her credit for packing the important stuff. I think my son would put his two blankets and a few stuffed animals in a pillow case and call it good.

We've been using a modified system for behavior and I have different colored poker chips and a list of good things, bad stuff and rewards. It is mostly working but sometimes my son could care less about the rewards. THere is just nothing he likes enough to make him want to be totally good. Sigh...