Friday, January 30, 2009

I found myself (really)

I was digging around on the web today, just killing time really (I didn't feel like doing housework) and I found an old picture of myself, in a bikini no less. Here's how it happened. Back in 1987-88 I dated a professional photographer in Mexico City named Hector Velasco. Fast forward to 1992...I was living in Cancun. Hector came to Cancun to take some pictures for a print advertising campaign for the Sheraton Hotel chain. He needed a model for some of his pictures, so he asked me to do some modeling for him. I didn't get paid. On the contrary, I helped him lug up all the cameras, tripods, extension cords, lights, etc. to the hotel room to take the pictures. There are lots of big heavy cases of camera equipment to lug around when you go on a photo shoot with Hector. Anyway, we get all the stuff up to the room and I change into my bathing suit. He takes a bunch of pictures, with and without me in them. Here is one of the pictures he got that day. Click on the following link.

He later gave me a positive of a slightly different pose. I have a copy of that picture hanging in my bathroom. It reminds me of how skinny I used to be. Here is the picture I have hanging in my bathroom. It's a picture of a picture, so the quality is compromised.

The "champagne" in the champagne glasses is really watered down beer. With the right amount of water, you get good champagne color and bubbles.
Apparently, Hector is doing pretty well as a professional photographer. If you want to see his entire web site, here is the link:


JAMIE'S CREW said...

WOW !!!!!!

mark van lue said...

Hey-glad to see you're blogging again! Amazing what you find when you google your name, isn't it? Goes to show you that you have to be careful in this day and age.
Enjoy the icicles!

Carol in Sweden said...

You SEXY Momma, you!

Of course, I remember you in these days.....checked out Hector's site as well...those photos of you are Gorgeous!
You know you can "grab" it off his site?

Doesn't it feel like "forever ago"?

Wonder what happened to the "out of bikini" photos?! Maybe on another site?! LOL