Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cheap Summer Fun

Summer is here and we have been exploring new and exciting (and cheap!) ways to have fun. This activity is about as cheap as it gets and both kids had a lot of fun with it. We made "kites" out of plastic shopping bags. We just tied some fishing line (but I'm sure any string will do) around the handles and ran around the back yard. There was some wind that day, so the kites flew pretty well, but when the wind was calm, the kids made their own wind by running.

Erin pretended her kite was a circus performer and made it do "tricks." She would order it to "Go up," "Fly in a circle," and "Come back." It was quite amusing.

I also invested $9 in a Slip-N-Slide. That's about the most fun you can have in the back yard. Garrett spent most of his time playing in the water that jetted up through the holes.

Erin spent her time slippin' and slidin'.


Mum-me said...

What a great idea with the kite! We have 'proper' kites but they are too hard for the little girls to fly. We tried paper-bag kites and while they were great fun to make they didn't really fly. I will be trying out the plastic bags kits soon!

Julia said...

I bought some kites last winter with the hope of using them this summer and found they aren't what they used to be!! The ones from my childhood were way better and I can not pinpoint why.

Water fun is great. I can give my kids a hose and that's just about enough for them. Mostly I need two hoses to make everything fair.

But fun is fun and your kids look happy. :)