Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two toys, tons of fun

We had a pretty low key weekend, just the way I like it. Next weekend we will have two birthday parties and an Easter egg hunt, but this weekend we just hung out at home and played. My kids have about a million toys, but only play with a few of them. And that's fine with me. I think it promotes creativity to let them make up their own games. "Boredom is the mother of invention." Isn't that how the saying goes? Ha!! So we had a Monster Truck Jam at my house this weekend. A dump truck loaded down with at least 30 pounds was slammed into every surface imaginable.

And then we tried to think of as many games as possible to play with a Hannah Montana bean bag. I started out taking cute pictures.

Then I decided to get some action shots of Erin jumping on the bean bag. I've put them in order. If you scroll down really fast, it will look like she's moving in stop motion. Meet me at the bottom and let me know if it looks like she's really moving. Start scrolling................NOW!

Did it look like stop-motion? No? Just a bunch of blurry pictures of a kid flying through the air, huh? Well, we had a lot of fun making this little sequence. Disclaimer: No children or bean bags were hurt during the taking of these pictures.

But we weren't quite done with the bean bag, yet. We used it as the circle center to play "Duck, Duck, Goose." I couldn't take pictures and play at the same time, so when we were done, I made Erin pretend to play Duck, Duck, Goose so that I could take some pictures. At first it's not obvious.......

.....that she is not diggin' this picture taking thing any more.

(Check out Garrett doing a back bend behind the bean bag)


Anonymous said...

Yes Erin was jumping. Looked great. Garrett couldn't do that and you take pictures? Garrett in the back ground is cute. The kids don't dig to the bottom of the top box and find different toys? You did. Then the toys were new again. G'ma

Super Fun Mama said...

I love the pics of your daughter on the bean bag!You can just see the happiness. Thanks for the comment and Im glad you enjoyed!