Friday, February 27, 2009

Best Friends

Erin's best friend, Shannon, spent the afternoon at our house yesterday. They had a lot of fun. It's always interesting to see how a new child adds a whole new dimension to the same old toys. Take, for example, Erin's "Creation Station." It is a box filled with construction paper, stickers, crayons, markers, tissue paper and old wrapping paper. Erin generally goes for the construction paper and crayons and draws, or she might get out the stickers and create a picture with stickers and drawings. Here is a pretty typical example of her work.

Well, Shannon sees the contents of the Creation Station, hones in on the tissue paper, and decides to design her own dress. A little tape and a lot of imagination, and wa-la, a beautiful princess dress. Notice the lovely dragonfly detail on the skirt.Erin, of course, couldn't be left behind. She created a dress of her own. Notice the three flower detail around the waist. Each girl has her own signature style.

And here they are together, ready to walk down the red carpet and answer the question, "Who are you wearing."
I made them each a tissue paper flower to go with their dresses.

And I love this picture of the two of them drawing together in a journal. You can tell by the look on their faces that they are having a good time.

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Mallori and Nathaniel said...

Wow, thats so adorable! theres nothing better than kids showcasing their creativity...