Monday, February 2, 2009

Spotlight on Garrett

Poor Garrett hasn't been getting much blog time lately. It's not that he's not blogworthy, it's just that Erin does more exciting things because she is older. Plus, it's hard to get Garrett on film or video these days. When I try to get a spontaneous picture or video of him doing something cute, he stops what he's doing, runs to the camera and yells "See, see." He wants to see the picture/video even if I haven't taken it yet. He doesn't understand that first I have to take the picture for him to see it. He just knows that inside that camera are funny pictures of him and his sister. So getting out the camera ruins any spontaneous moment I might be trying to catch, especially since it beeps when I turn it on. At least Erin can pose for a picture, but Garrett hasn't quite gotten the hang of that yet, either. You'll see what I mean in this video clip:

Garrett is a great singer and can sing along with several songs. His favorites are "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Farmer in the Dell" and "Old McDonald." He also likes to sing the ABC's and is very inspired to sing when holding a microphone, but he won't do it for the camera.

He stays very busy at school. Here are some recent project he did. He was pretty reluctant to stand still for the picture, so I had to snap quick before he left the shot. I am very happy with his progress at school. Garrett can say two word sentences consistently and can imitate 3-4 word sentences, quite an improvement from 4 months ago when he started school.

Garrett always loves his bath. Here he is just being cute little Garrett.

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Mallori and Nathaniel said...

Aww, hes so cute! I tried to post videos on my blog, but it doesn't work. I think its because our computer is dying...