Sunday, February 8, 2009

Garrett Croons the Classics

I was finally able to film Garrett in a natural setting, doing what I see him doing everyday. I've had problems in the past getting him to ignore the video camera and just keep on doing whatever. He would either run to the camera to see himself, or just not perform all together. He's in that "I'm not going to perform on command anymore" phase. I semi hid the video camera in a dresser drawer and propped it up just enough to see over the edge, then turned it on. I guess Garrett figured that since I wasn't holding the video camera, it wasn't recording anything. Here is Garrett singing the classic "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

And here he is crooning another classic, "Old McDonald Had a Farm." On a side note, when he first discovered the existence of McDonald's, the restaurant, he would say "McDonald's" but I couldn't understand him. So he would say "E-I-E-I-O" to get his idea across. I wonder if he thinks that the Old McDonald that had a farm also has a restaurant with a really fun play area.

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