Thursday, February 12, 2009

Erin is a Daisy

Erin just started Girl Scouts last week and she loves it. Daisies is for K-1st grade. Brownies is for 2nd and 3rd grades, so Erin is a Daisy. She just got her uniform today and I haven't even had time to iron on the Daisy patch yet. It's just a vest that she puts over a white shirt.
They went on their first field trip tonight to the Fire Station. Erin learned all about the fire truck and the equipment the firemen carry on the truck.

They also learned about the equipment a fire fighter wears when he goes into a burning building. Here is a fireman wearing and insulated suit and oxygen mask.

After all that learning, they got to explore the inside of the fire truck. That was the highlight of the tour for most of the girls. Here are Erin and Shannon "driving" the fire truck.

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Carol in Sweden said...

Oh what fun...Maya would love to be a Daisy too!

But here in Sweden she is a "Skogsmulle" (little person of the forest)

So great Erin can participate now that she's old enough!