Saturday, February 14, 2009

Erin's Valentine's Day Party

Erin had a great time at her school Valentine's party. She decorated a box at home for her classmates to put Valentines in. She decided to give out Hannah Montana Valentines to her classmates. Here she is before school with her Valentines and box.

When she got to school, she put her box on the floor with all the other kids' boxes. Here is how some other kids decorated their boxes.

During the party, the kids ate cupcakes and drank juice. They also made crafts and passed out their Valentines.

But the highlight of the whole party was taking out all the Valentines from their boxes and seeing what they got. This is Erin and her best friend Shannon looking at their Valentines.

And here is Erin proudly displaying one of her Valentines.

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Carol in Sweden said...

Oh...I wish Maya could do that! Make the valentine box to have at's not a popular thing to do here ( you may have read my blog about it) year I want to live in the USA near my parents so she can participate in all the typical American holidays! (ones we celebrate here but only with ourselves or with other Americans)....What memories seeing Erin with her cards and box! FUN!