Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Dance

Last Friday, the day before Valentine's Day was a very busy day. Not only did Erin have her class party, but there was also a school dance that night. Erin's best friend, Shannon, came with us as did Garrett and Daddy. We all had a great time. The girls decided to dress up in pretty dresses for the dance.

When they got there, they met up with other friends and classmates. Megan, in the burgundy dress, is another one of Erin's best friends.
The girls danced the night away (with a lot of running up and down the gym floor just for fun).

After all that dancing and running, it was definitely time for a ring pop break.

In fact, ring pops all around!!

Garrett says "Hey, I want a ring pop, too."

And finally, things are winding down and everyone is getting tired. Here is Garrett near the end of the dance just watching and hanging out. I love how this picture turned out because the colors are so vibrant.

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